Race Results

High School Challenge – Friday, June 5th, 2015

6th Place                      Titanium – TRHS                     1:09:04

5th Place                      The Demi Gods – TRHS          1:08:74

4th Place                      Justice League – TRHS          1:08:51

Bronze Medal             Ready Oar Knot – MHS          1:07:24

Silver Medal               The Guardians – TRHS            1:07:17

Gold Medal                Chloe’s Stinky Boys – RHS     1:07:17

 The Community & Corporate Challenge – Saturday, June 6th, 2015

6th Place                      Intact Paddle Attack             1:09:27

5th Place                      The NBCC Devils                    1:09:20

4th Place                      Uncivil Serpents (ACOA)       1:09:20

Bronze Medal             TD Green Machine                1:08:54

Silver Medal               The Paddle Goats                   1:07:84

Gold Medal                The Crows                               1:05:40

Congratulations to all of our wonderful teams!  Thanks to your hard work, we have raised over $74,000 for the Lions Sick Children’s Fund and other charities in our community.








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