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Welcome to the 9th Annual Greater Moncton Dragon Boat Festival

And welcome to our new website!  We are pleased to present you with an updated website designed to make registration, listing team members, and entering pledgdes much easier.

This year's festival is set to take place May 23rd and May 24th, 2014 at Jones Lake.

Friday, May 23rd is the High School Challenge Night. 

Teams of local high school students will race across the lake, all in support of the Lions Sick Children's Fund.  It's a high energy night of fun and good spirited competition!

Saturday, May 24th is the Corporate & Community Challenge.  No dragon boating experience is necessary!  Get a group of friends, coworkers or neighbours together to enter a team and support the Lions Sick Children's Fund and a charity of your own choice!


9:15 - FCT Dragons, NBCC Scholarly Scullers

 9:35 - The Co-opergators, TD Canada Trust, Team Mia Leblanc

 9:55 - NBCC Student Union, Sistema NB, Cape Breastoners

 10:15 - Paddle Goats, Tit Bateau, Fire Breathing Bankers

 10:35 - The Crows, The Orange Dragons, Women Alike Abreast a River

 10:55 - Team Mia Leblanc, NBCC Scholarly Scullers, NBCC Student Union

 11:15 - Sistema NB, The Co-opergators

 11:35 - FCT Dragons, The Crows, Paddle Goats

 11:55 - Banker's Race! The Orange Dragons, Fire Breathing Bankers, TD Canada Trust 

 12:15 - Sponsor Race!  TD Canada Trust, K94.5

 12:35 - Breast Cancer Survivor Race! Cape Breastoners, Tit Bateau, Women Alike Abreast a River

 Breast Cancer Survivor Ceremony







Great News for Returning Teams...

         If you were a registered team last year, because you were unable to race we have reduced your registration to $400 if you register by March 1st, 2014 and $500 after that date.

         For all other teams registration remains $500 before March 31st, 2014 and $600 after.


To Print a Waiver Form

         Click on the "Teams" link, then click on "How to Create a Team", on this page you will find the blue "Waiver" link.


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